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YouTuber is a hobby that produces if it cannot be said as a profession. The results obtained from YouTube are very good. A Full-Time YouTuber, can make many times as much money as a corporation’s regular salary. When becoming a YouTuber becomes one of the favorites if you want to make money from the internet. Here are some tips on starting to become a YouTuber, for those of you who pursue this field.

Set up Equipment


As we all know, YouTube is one of the video-based social media. This means that video quality becomes the main selling point. It requires friends to have adequate video recorder quality, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

For those of you who are just starting to create content, you can use a smartphone. I recommend smartphones that have an Optical Image Stabilization feature. Basically, Image Stabilization is a feature to be able to shoot moving images stay focused, and minimize shocks when recording video.

It is important to be able to produce a clear image so that the audience will feel comfortable viewing our video.

For those of you who want to become a streamer, to overcome the limitations of the quality built-in webcam, you can also use a smartphone video camera by using an application for its connection.


In addition to video, sound quality is important for you to pay attention to. Sometimes by using a smartphone, too much noise from the sound is recorded. You can add a clip-on microphone to produce clearer and more focused sound.

Laptop / PC / Smartphone

I put the last Laptop and PC after the camera and microphone because it can be said these two tools are not mandatory in the early days of you pioneering YouTube. As with the camera and microphone above, you can replace the Laptop / PC with the Smartphone you have.


The use of applications to process videos can be said to be important. However, you do not make this the main benchmark. Make the focus of using the application for video editing is to combine the video footage you take. And not to use too many filters, which sometimes is too excessive and seems weak.

As beginner YouTuber, we can use a smartphone for video editing. By using applications such as Kine Master, and other applications that can be downloaded on the Playstore and Appstore.

Create Content

Create content consistently. To be consistent, you need to be able to find the content themes you like the most. By reviewing content that you like and master, you can enjoy making videos.

You don’t have to be an expert first. For example, if you want to create content about smartphones, you can start by discussing common things such as the most popular smartphone brands, and so on. Later over time, you can develop your smartphone content for more technical things, such as comparing specifications between smartphones.

Choosing Content That Has the Potential to Bring in a Lot of Viewers

There is content that can be said to only target certain segments. And there’s content that has a lot of audience segments. Content such as programming (coding, web programming) may have fewer enthusiasts compared to culinary content and vlogs.

Some of the following types of content, potentially bringing a lot of views:

Vlog. Vlog content can still be said to have great potential. Especially for public figures who have a large fanatical fan base.
Smartphone review. Currently, for some people, smartphones have moved from luxury (tertiary) needs to secondary needs even primary needs. Because of the large number of enthusiasts, content about smartphones can become faster to boom and gain many views.
Culinary. Who doesn’t need to eat? Of course, we all need to eat. So that content about good food and affordable prices certainly becomes interesting to make.

In addition to bringing a lot of views, the content can also produce a lot of minutes. Where the number of minutes watched, becomes one of the conditions to be able to immediately monetize your YouTube account.

Channel Features

You must have characteristics in creating content. For example by making a special call to your loyal audience. Like, Deddy Corbuzier’s “Smart People,” “Bolo-Bolo” by Korean Reomit, and many more. Characteristics will make you easier to remember by the audience.


Sometimes there is a background sound, making your video more interesting. But don’t get it wrong to choose a song that has the copyright. Because later your income will be divided with the owner of the song copyright.

Use non-copyrighted audio, such as using songs in YouTube’s Non-Copyright Song (NCS) list.


The duration of the video is quite influential on the income you get from YouTube. This is related to the laying of ads by YouTube. If the duration of your video is above 10 minutes, you can select and place ads in several places provided by YouTube. But if your video is under 10 minutes long, that option becomes more limited.

Thumbnails, Text Titles, and Descriptions

In social interaction, appearance is the first. In the world of YouTube, this appearance is a Thumbnail of your video.

Create an attractive thumbnail view, so that visitors are interested in opening your video.

In addition, it is also important to make the title and description of the video clear and informative. It’s easy for people to find your videos.

End Screen

Make optimal use of the end screen. With the end screen, you can offer visitors be able to watch your other videos. You can also offer playlists that you have.

Other Things You Need to Pay Attention to

Some other things you need to pay attention to include:

Try to speak in front of the camera casually and not fixate on text. The text you can use as a reference, but you need to keep improvising. So that your speaking and carrying style in the video becomes more fluid and comfortable to see.

Keep smiling in front of the camera. The audience doesn’t need to know what your heart really is. Whatever our true hearts, we must still be able to entertain the audience and provide positive information.

Try to upload regularly.

Don’t Do

Some of the followings are important to avoid:


Clickbait is a term to refer to the discrepancy between the thumbnail and the title of the video with the content of the video. So, it can be said to be a click trap. Initially, you will indeed generate a lot of views, but over time, the audience will not believe in the content you produce.


Don’t reupload other people’s videos too often. Because the income generated from the video can flow to the first uploader. This means that you can lose because many videos are aired, but not proportional to the income received.

Fear of haters

No one is perfect in this world. Your content is also one of them. So, haters who don’t like your content will always be there. It’s something you can’t control. Keep going, and stay consistent.


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