3 Websites to Increase Your Typing Speed

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Working in an office is a dream for some people. Not having to sun-tinged, working behind a desk is obviously fun. There is one skill you will really need if you want to be ‘comfortable’ working in an air-conditioned room. Yes. Typing skills. It sounds trivial, but in reality, this skill really must be mastered. Typing quickly or in another way known as typing with 10 fingers can be a plus. To achieve that, you have to practice often. One of them is by practicing increasing typing speed online. In this article, we will discuss several websites to help increase typing speed.

Why are typing skills so needed?

Having typing skills can be a plus for those of you who choose a career behind the desk. Among them, the work will become more quickly completed. There are some jobs that demand the qualifiedness of typing quickly. Be a meeting minutes writer for example. A meeting minutes writer is required to be able to document the contents of a meeting, along with all the contents of the dialogue, in a written note. This means meeting minutes writer must be able to ‘compete for speed’ typing with a speech in meetings.

The ability to type quickly is something that can be trained. One of them is by knowing the position or arrangement of the keyboard with the fingers because generally, people are slow to type because they have to look at the screen and keyboard alternately.

Exercises to familiarize the fingers so that the position of each keyboard key, can be done at home. There are many websites that are provided specifically for people who want to improve their typing skills and speed.

Some Websites to Help Increase Typing Speed

10 Fast Fingers (https://10fastfingers.com/)

Fast Fingers to improve Your Typing Speed

The first website we will discuss was 10 Fast Fingers. One of the added values of this website is that you can choose the language you want to use to practice improving typing skills.

The challenge is that we have to type words that appear randomly within 1 minute. The faster and precisely you type, you will get high WPM (word per minute) results. WPM is a common unit used to assess a person’s typing speed. Interested in trying it?

Type Racer (https://play.typeracer.com/)

Type Racer

This site may be suitable for those of you who want to practice increasing typing speed and at the same time can be exclamation like a person who is racing.

The speed of your car will be determined by the typing speed we do. The higher the WPM, the faster you will win the race.

Z Type (https://zty.pe/)

Z Type

If this one site, it might be a little similar to a space shuttle game that has to destroy alien planes that come attacking. The difference is, there are no alien planes as opposed to you. There is a collection of words that you must type if you want to destroy them.

The sooner you ‘destroy’ the words, the faster you complete each stage. It’s fun, isn’t it?


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