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Writing in English

Learning to write in English always be challenging. We have to learn grammar and have many vocabulary. Especially for non-native persons like us when our mother language is not English. I made this blog to learn and upgrade my writing skill in English.

I glad, Grammarly can help me when I start to write. I can focus on searching for vocabulary and trying to write as well as possible. Then Grammarly can help me to correct my grammar.

About Grammarly

Based on Grammarly’s Official Website, Grammarly is advanced writing assistance that can help you to mistake-free writing while offering suggestions that go away beyond grammar. Start in 2009, Grammarly become famous and has 30.000 teams using it for now.


Grammarly for Chrome

Installation Grammarly for Chrome

Browser extensions for Grammarly found in 2015. Now, it used by more than 10.000.000 users. Installation of Grammarly for Chrome is so easy. First, open Chrome Web Store at Search Grammarly and open it. Second, click Add to Chrome. And wait until the installation progress is done.


Using Grammarly for Chrome

After installation progress is done, you can write at your email account, your blog posting freely. And Grammarly will check your English sentences. There is a Grammarly indicator that shows you at the bottom right of your text and also makes an underline at every word that can be improved. As shown in this picture.


Limitation for Free User

If you are a free user, you can have spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections from Grammarly. When you need more features, you have to upgrade your plans. There are three plans including a free plan to use Grammarly. You can read these features at


Sure Grammarly can help me when I have to learn how to write in English. Hope it can help you too.

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